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My Youth Foundation Aspiration

I’ve loudly proclaimed to the world that my main desire is to SUBSTANTIALLY IMPACT YOUTH and charitable causes in my local community. I found that nobody listens to one person because they DON’T believe one man can make a difference.

I sought to help a lot of organizations with my story. I vehemently tried to be inspirational, impactful, and philanthropic. Every charitable organization I approached had no desire to partner with me. I was rebuffed over and over again. I wasn’t famous enough. I wasn’t wealthy enough.  I wasn’t important enough. I was just a regular guy. Door after door was shut in my face, or worse, never opened.

My desire, drive, and pursuit are second to none. I’m RELENTLESS in my pursuits.  Once the last door closed in my face; I dusted my pride off, and I knew I needed another way. It was crystal clear that I had to CREATE MY OWN PLATFORM in order to open every opportunity I was previously denied. I needed to be able to offer MORE than myself. I wasn’t good enough. Because of this, trainArizona Racing was born. Everything I have is obtained off Instagram. I’ve never once moved off the platform.  

Mark Ingle’s mission statement: To provide a pathway for others to achieve fitness at higher competitive levels regardless of socio economic status by using easily accessible training methods.


Philanthropic description: Society tells low income youth that they will fail to achieve high athletic performance without the financial means to train. These kids, the argument goes, will fail because they don’t belong to gyms, can’t afford fitness trainers or coaches, and don’t have access to fancy training equipment like treadmills and row machines.


Urban youth don’t need these things; they just don’t know it yet. The common path isn’t the only path. Elite fitness is reachable through minimal training resources.


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Pledges are handled through the beneficiaries website. All of the monies are directly handled by Swift Youth Foundations. Click this link to make your pledge today.

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