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I’ve loudly proclaimed to the world that my main desire is to SUBSTANTIALLY IMPACT YOUTH and charitable causes in my local community. I found that nobody listens to one person because they DON’T believe one man can make a difference.

I sought to help a lot of organizations with my story. I vehemently tried to be inspirational, impactful, and philanthropic. Every charitable organization I approached had no desire to partner with me. I was rebuffed over and over again. I wasn’t famous enough. I wasn’t wealthy enough.  I wasn’t important enough. I was just a regular guy. Door after door was shut in my face, or worse, never opened.

My desire, drive, and pursuit are second to none. I’m RELENTLESS in my pursuits.  Once the last door closed in my face; I dusted my pride off, and I knew I needed another way. It was crystal clear that I had to CREATE MY OWN PLATFORM in order to open every opportunity I was previously denied. I needed to be able to offer MORE than myself. I wasn’t good enough. Because of this, trainArizona Racing was born. Everything I have is obtained off Instagram. I’ve never once moved off the platform.  


On November 2017, Pamelle Easterling from Swift Youth Foundation identified me as someone who could help her charity.  Pamelle is the Director of Development and she posted a message on my IG account asking if I would consider working with Swift’s youth.  I researched the organization. I quickly learned it was the perfect fit. I had been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to reveal itself – it finally happened.

Swift assists low income youth in Phoenix. It helps children who are described as having no hope due to their economic status. Swift holds overnight camps, afterschool programs, holiday parties, and conducts mentorships for kids ages 3-15. It helps 3,000 local kids a year on average. All of these children are told they cannot achieve because they are poor. Wealth is a variable that cannot be controlled. Each of them was born into poverty.

Like all nonprofits, Swift needs funding to operate. I agreed to help raise money on their behalf.  Swift is my named beneficiary in the following fundraising initiative:

Mark Ingle’s mission statement: To provide a pathway for others to achieve fitness at higher competitive levels regardless of socio economic status by using easily accessible training methods.

Philanthropic description: Society tells low income youth that they will fail to achieve high athletic performance without the financial means to train. These kids, the argument goes, will fail because they don’t belong to gyms, can’t afford fitness trainers or coaches, and don’t have access to fancy training equipment like treadmills and row machines.


Urban youth don’t need these things; they just don’t know it yet. The common path isn’t the only path. Elite fitness is reachable through minimal training resources.

Ironman is considered the pinnacle athletic achievement. I will show Swift's youth that you only need 800 sq. ft. of open space to become an Ironman. In 2018, I’ll race Ironman AZ without ever swimming, biking, or running in training.


Instead, I'll only train within 800 sq. ft. of empty space. Urban youth can find similar space on a basketball court, yard, or field. It will give them courage, strength, and the belief that all goals are achievable.

I am taking pledges to raise money for Swift. Pledge amounts are based on each 1% of the field passed. For example, a $1.00 pledge with a top 30% finish yields $70.00 (i.e., $1.00 x 70% pass). I’m going to hustle to raise money with the self-belief that this endeavor coupled with my journey will catch fire.

Ironman Arizona 2018

I race Ironman Arizona on November 18, 2018. The truth is some coaches and trainers in my city want me to fail.  It’s disturbing to think about. I’m not sure how another human could want my bones to break; but, it’s the truth. The world is full of greed and selfishness. Not everyone wants the best for others.  I irk businessmen because I give away the best training money can buy for free. I seek impact, not money. The amount of insults and negativity hurled my way is astonishing. Yet, I plod forward while deflecting each one away.


I will never crater. Doctors say the dead bones in both hips and both knees cannot survive Ironman twice. Triathletes say it’s impossible to race Ironman without ever swimming, biking, or running in training. People say nobody can get Ironman fit within 800 sq. ft. I hear the skeptics. I define my own capability which renders these comments nothing but noise.

I believe my bones will not fail me. I will again build my body like an artist. I do it daily, so this race is no different. I believe I will not fail Swift.  I possess knowledge that nobody else holds - the days of high mileage endurance programs are dead. Those programs became antiquated as soon as I crossed the Ironman finish line back in 2016.


I will prove it again, but this time in the public eye while using 800 sq. ft. I’ll also prove to RDX Sports that it sells itself short. RDX Sports is more than a boxing company to me. It’s a company that builds athletes, not just boxers. I make 100 mile runners, Ironman, OCR winners and more with its products. I’ll use RDX sandbags, gloves, heavy bags, to build my body for this race.  RDX Sports can see that it’s shortchanging itself through this endeavor. Its products are for everyone.

I will prove to low income youth that they too can achieve elite fitness. I’ll show them that they only need a few RDX Sports products and 800 square feet of open space. Lastly, I will prove to everyone watching that I’m the best endurance trainer in my state and among the leaders in this country. Given my bones condition along with this endeavor it would be difficult to argue otherwise. Obtaining this recognition will grow my footprint and allow me to positively affect more lives.

This endeavor is good theater. It will bring Swift into the Arizona limelight which is important to me. I’ve decided to let haters and supporters alike watch my journey. I set up a YouTube Channel to document this endeavor. I’ve been recording material since the inception of this idea. It can be found at[xx]

Eventually my fitness will be put to an objective test. My times and finish will be broadcast live by Ironman on race day. I cannot hide. All of the UK and North American can follow my results. I’m not afraid to step-out in the sunlight and bet on myself. I know I’ve rewritten endurance programs.

On November 18, 2018 I will be fuel by the low income youth. I’ve always been told that I will fail and I “can’t achieve.” I’m no different than Swift’s low income youth in this regard. In the end, I will show these kids that money doesn’t define their limits just like dead bones don’t define mine.

Click HERE to make a pledge!

Pledges are handled through the beneficiaries website. All of the monies are directly handled by Swift Youth Foundations. Click this link to make your pledge today.

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