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How to train was developed From my dead bones and based in science.

Dear world,

Run coaches and traditional triathlon coaches should arguably be outlawed or at a minimum come with a legal disclaimer telling its athletes that training-related musculoskeletal injuries are certain to occur under their care, including: muscle strains, fasciitis, bursitis, muscle tears, tendon ruptures, joint sprains, ligament tears, bone fractures, etc. (Shots fired!) It's not personal, just an educated factual statement backed by scientific studies.


I make athletes. We workout from the greatest gym one could use in Scottsdale, the 10,000 square foot Rebound Gymnastics West. We race all sports. Ironman. Road marathons. Trail races, including 100 milers and 50K. OCRs. I train high school kids looking to qualify or win state races, including 11 and 15 years olds!


Unlike other coaches, my approach is forward thinking. I want my athletes to achieve goals while preserving their body to ensure they can continue their passion for as long as they desire instead of bowing out due to pain and body breakdown.


I possess three professional degrees. I utilized my intellect to overcome bone death in my knees and hips caused by chemotherapy. In the process I learned how to maximize the cardiorespiratory endurance of athletes by pure cross training. Impossible? That's what I was told. Instead, I accomplished it by the following:

  1. Understanding musculoskeletal responses to physical training,

  2. Understanding risk factors associated with physical training injuries, and

  3. Implementing evidenced-based prevention principles to protect athletes from musculoskeletal injuries associated with endurance training.

My single objective is to educate my athletes. I want to open their eyes to a safe and fun alternative approach from every other training plan. If you doubt I revolutionized endurance training, feel free to call Mayo Clinic and tell them what I accomplished with avascular necrosis.  It's objectively remarkable and all I want to do is share what I learned.


High mileage programs are a thing of the past. How does it work? Come see for yourself. The ONLY place to get it is from me. I raced Ironman with dead bones.


trainArizona Racing is rad. Check our Instagram to see for yourself.

With love,


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